The Log is the primary data entry for tracking. CLIFF provides a single interface for a Log from which you can access all the associated information for the Log including attachments, notes, and referrals. Logs may have an unlimited number of attachments and Referrals.

Some of the options available during data entry include:

  • Automatic check for duplicates
  • Automatic check for special authors
  • Automatic postal code lookup based on address
  • Automatic population of data fields based on postal code
  • Automatic data entry based on pre-defined templates
  • Automatic due date generation based on assigned action
  • Flagging the Log as confidential so other Offices cannot see the Log.
  • Custom user information on data in selection list

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At times a single issue or situation may bring in large volumes of correspondence that can all be handled with a single response. To simplify the management of volume issues, CLIFF allows you to create a single Batch for the correspondence.

A Batch consists of a batch header and its associated batch members. Batches are similar to Logs, so many of the functions available for Logs also apply to Batches.
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Web Submission

In addition to manually creating Logs, CLIFF can automatically generate Logs from a web site or e-mail. The generated Logs go into a holding area where they can be examined before adding to your database.
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