CLIFF provides extensive reporting capability including standard reports, e-mail reports, statistical reports, and a custom report generator.

  • Referral Slip -- summary report on individual Logs and their Referrals
  • Summary Statistics -- analyzes the processing of Referrals by your office, or other offices to whom you have sent Referrals.
  • Detailed Statistics -- analyze a selection of Logs or Referrals and show number received, closed/completed, still open, days late, and average number of days to complete.
  • Trend Analysis -- analyze a selection of Logs and show the number of occurrences per month for the selected items in a user defined field.
  • E-mail of Referrals Sent -- send e-mail reports of Referrals Sent to individual offices.
  • Mail Merge -- generates a tab delimited mail merge file from the current selection of Logs.
  • Turn Around -- analyzes a selection of Logs and show the cradle to grave time of the Logs.
  • Count Summary -- produces a report with the number of unique occurances of field entries for a group of records.
  • Custom Reports -- Listing of Logs, Referrals Sent, or Referrals Received. You may customize the reporting format, the data fields to be displayed, the sort order, and simple calculations such as record counts, days over due, days to complete, etc.

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