Welcome to our on-line Frequently Asked Question area. This is a collection of answers to the most commonly asked questions about CLIFF. If you have a specific question, it is probably answered here, but if it's not, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are looking for information on pricing or our CLIFF Application Service please see the Pricing section of the web site.

Why would I need more than one Organization?

If you have distinct groups of users who want to use CLIFF and their data should be kept separate, for example they will not be creating Referrals to each other, then you would define separate Organizations in the CLIFF database.

Can Organizations see each other's data?

No. An Organization is a separate logical entity within the database. Users in one Organization cannot see data in other Organizations. Each Organization has its own user accounts, support tables, and application preferences. However Organizations may share data through Log Exchange.

What does CLIFF stand for?

This is the only clue you get