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CLIFF Tracking

Originally designed as a correspondence tracking system, CLIFF has evolved to offer our clients a world-class  document tracking and storage system. See what CLIFF can do for your organization.

What's CLIFF tracking?

CLIFF is a corporate tracking and document management system, providing sophisticated tools for data entry, tracking, searching and reporting. Extensive customization options provide the capability to track almost anything in your organization.

Find the information you need

Comprehensive searching tools help you quickly find the information you need. From simple keyword searching to powerful boolean searching, CLIFF offers a variety of searching options for every user.

Document Repository

Need to store documents or images with your tracking information? No problem, CLIFF handles attachments at the Log and Referral level. You may also have the attachment automatically keyword indexed so you can search your attachments.


Reports are an unavoidable requirement of any business. CLIFF provides standard and statistical reporting tools, as well as simple to use custom reports.